Gaurav Bagdi


Gaurav Bagdi is currently the lead contributor and editor of this blog/space.  Having previously worked with small sized to Medium or Large enterprises, realizing their full potential in terms of Salesforce automation, Lead Generation and other Social Media Aspects of Inbound Marketing Initiatives.

With an on-hands experience of 5 plus years. He started his  career with an Information Technology Outsourcing Company, based out of Delhi, India. Being active in the outsourcing industry, looking at the evolution and the day to day development of the Industry. It inspired him to move a step further into the direction of  Business consultation, Sales Intelligence and Research.

During his last employment contract, he oversaw a team of  highly energetic research and lead generation experts, where he mentored them and guided them to the over-all success of the lead generation campaigns and provide a regular influx of a streamlined sales pipeline to the Directors and other key personnel in the firm.

Experience ranging from, within the core business verticals – Supply Chain Management, Procurement Outsourcing to Information Technology Outsourcing. E-learning to End-to-end Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, has provided a competitive edge in this ever-demanding world of subject matter experts.

Feel free to connect with him via his twitter profile, or send a connection request to his LinkedIn.

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