Can India Produce A David Karp? Let alone, Mark Zuckerberg!

In the wake of Yahoo’s board approving a massive, more than a $1 bn acquisition of one of the most popular microblogging, social networking platform “Tumblr“. I couldn’t stop myself from connecting a few dots, a question someone asked on Quora, a few days back.


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Can India produce a Mark Zuckerberg?  Quite a question, if you ask me. I thought for a while, couldn’t come up with a straight answer. Although, if you see the particular page, there have been a more than 50 different answers, point of views being discussed or highlighted upon.

Now when you try to even come up with an answer, it’s kind of difficult. Cause, I am assuming the poster who posted the particular question is an Indian. As an Indian, I am well aware of our usual habits, persona, likings, the things that attracts us the most.

There’s no denying the fact that being successful in the Internet world is the new definition of success to a lot of us, one of these days. But, what we fail to see is Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only one, who’s riding on to the success with web 2.0 and Social 2.0?

Which brings me to Tumblr, currently ranked at 32 on Alexa in terms of daily visits and founded by another not-so widely known dude who is called “David Karp“. A web programmer by nature, started programming Html websites when he was barely 11. He had a vision, to do something different. A lot of people, especially us Indians. We are taught to follow what the current trend is? Rather than, do what we love the most?

I think, that maybe the decisive factor why we haven’t been able to capitalize on the ever-growing sea of talent pool in terms of excellent engineers. And certainly the fact, why we haven’t had the capacity to produce people like David or even Biz Stone of Twitter, let alone Mark Zuckerberg.

One of the most common example of a Tumblr post. A quote!

In an interview with Fast Company, David highlighted about his first day at work when he founded Tumblr –

I realized that I got to spend that entire day working on this product that I absolutely loved. … And it was this incredible, liberating, unbelievably inspiring feeling.

Now, that’s the sort of mentality our youth requires to achieve or strive success. And being the adult, that we are. We have to encourage the spirit of “doing what you love” among our kids, siblings and so on. Cause, one way or another – we are responsible for them. We have to cross the limiting borders, which disallows us to explore the gravity defying possibilities.

We need our schools and education system to revamp their structure and groom the future generation to guide them and bless them with the ability to do something different and not following a trend. After all, there has to be a start!

That’s it for now, I just got myself a new Job! So, I will be a bit slow in terms of rolling out posts here. But, would never stop.




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