The Rise and Fall of the Social Media Managers

It’s been five years, since i have been a part of twitter’s ever-growing family of users.

There is a colossal diversity in terms of twitter users, who use twitter for different purposes. I was reading this research conducted by a well-known research firm. The motive behind the research was to understand the concept of what exactly the users are tweeting or talking about using twitter as a communication/socializing platform. And, not to my amazement almost a major percentage (hitting 40% approximately) of users uses it for their everyday “ranting” or simply put, “pointless babble”. This was from the year 2009.

At that time, people using twitter as a platform to attract business or promotional/marketing activities was as low as 7 percent. Which, i guess have increased to at least a 25-30 percent, if you talk about the  current year, 2013.  (That’s my own personal opinion, at best!)

Now, in the  span of last three/four years. What has changed? The business demands. The need for subject matter experts in terms of handling the social media timelines and streams. The rise of the Social Media Managers.


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The ever-growing demand of Social Media SMEs have attracted an interest from almost each and every professional, active in the corporate world circuit, to try their hands in it. A lot of people even think, that managing a social media account or presence for a brand/company/enterprise is a piece of cake. Be online, make random updates, follow people, create facebook pages etc.

What that means is, a lot of people actually underestimates and lured by the basic fact – that Social Media Managers/Experts have nothing on their plates, of utter importance. They are just a minimal version of the PR guys, who have nothing to worry about and are well established in terms of  job security?

Needless to add, this negative trend really made a major impression on the current market. And, as a result. A lot of firms are now looking for SM Managers, who actually understands the urgency of the situation and are aware of the dos and don’ts of Social Media Marketing/Presence.  Which in turns, making it easy for the firms to kick out their undervalued and highly inefficient experts on Social Media. The Fall of the Social Media Managers.



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In the end, it all comes down to the point where you have to justify yourself with your skills and knowledge not by the level of interest you have. Well, that too counts, but it’s not the only ingredient which makes you a successful Social Media Manager. I will be discussing a few points on dos and don’ts of Social Media, mainly emphasizing on Twitter and Facebook, in the coming week.

Till then, watch out for more articles.


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