Did you meet your inner Entrepreneur today?

Delhi’s weather is going awesome to even more amazing. It’s almost the end of February and the temperature is still hovering around 10 degrees to 25 degrees centigrade. Good times, eh.

Having said that. My dad surprised me last week by telling me to go and attend the annual “IEE EXPO 2013” (International Elevator and Escalators Expo) which was supposed to happen at NIMHANS Convention Center at the heart of India’s own silicon valley, Bengaluru.

Everything went, way too quickly. And, i was already on my flight to Bengaluru on 23rd of February, 2013.  I don’t usually take too much of interest in my father’s small Elevator Installation and Maintenance firm, based out of Delhi, itself.  But, as a business professional and with a slight understanding of marketing, sales and research, i provide my input and opinion to my dad, every now and then.

Now, it was a 2:30 hrs flight. And i took a taxi, straight for the convention center. Apparently, i was late by a few hours. Though, luckily the exhibitors were still at it and some real interesting conversations were taking place.

TorinDrive Gearless Elevator Traction Machine

TorinDrive Gearless Elevator Traction Machine. Shot this photo at the IEE EXPO 2013, Bengaluru. One of the suppliers for drives, we might be evaluating.

I may be the odd one out. Cause as far as the Elevator technology and terminology is concern, I was absolutely out of my depth. But, in terms of business understandings and supplier diversity, i have had my fair share of professional experience. My dad, wanted me to meet our usual suppliers and take a look at their new product launches, if any.  And collect the marketing collateral from all of those, who were supplying the elevator materials to us, from the past couple of years.

Now that’s the usual thing. Cause, my dad is traditional like that. He believe in a single supplier “philosophy”, but doesn’t rule out the possibility of further savings and profit with a few other options thrown out at him. Perhaps, the reason he wanted me to pay a visit to the Expo, in the first place. (Sneaky Dad, huh?)

Everything’s said and done. I managed to grab, quite an attention. As, a lot of manufacturers and suppliers already were aware of my Dad’s firm and our capabilities. Shared business insights and information, with a few of them. In fact, got offered to become a gold partner, distributor for one of the largest Lift parts manufacturer in Asia, for the Delhi/North India region.

Amidst all this, there were a few interesting ideas and theories started to develop inside that little brain, in my head. How can we capitalize on creating a supplier diversity and manage to achieve an annual savings up to 20 percent, compared to our current financials? Also, creating a supplier group and acting as a mediator for other Elevator firms based out of Delhi/NCR region, helping them in sourcing those material at a profitable cost with a small margin or commission? I mean, possibilities are infinite.

Now, that’s the moment.. right there. I realized, went into the washroom and looked into the mirror. I saw a whole new “ME”. And i guess, that was the hidden Entrepreneur, a lot of people are talking about, one of these days.  I couldn’t have been happier.

I finally have some interesting ideas. But, having an idea isn’t the only thing. Executing the idea into a successful, profit churning enterprise or business is something which is called, being a successful Entrepreneur. Anybody can have a vision or idea. But, capitalizing or making something, unthinkable or unimaginable out of it, is what matters the most.

Still a long way to go. But, i finally met my inner Entrepreneur.  Have you met your inner Entrepreneur, lately? If yes, share your experiences in the comment section below. Sharing is learning.

That’s my 2 cents for the day!


2 responses to “Did you meet your inner Entrepreneur today?

  1. I keep getting new ideas every now and then but as you mentioned in your post, initiation and execution are as important. I have found my inner Entrepreneur but need to bank upon those moments of fortune.

    • Wouldn’t want to disagree with you on that, Varun. You have a brilliant idea, which you were able to execute to a certain level. However, you need to gather funding and a small start-up level board which can guide you in the right direction. Remember, you are right. But at the same time, you can be wrong too. So, it’s always a plus to have a consulting team in place. Be it your close friends who have the industry experience or seasoned professionals, who are funding your venture.

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