Are you lost? Don’t worry, Everyone is a Born Salesman

As promised. I am back, with a new post. Not sure, if it’s going to justify your hunger for more information or insight, but i actually wanted to cover this area, for a while now.

This is my cousin’s daughter “Saanchi”. I clicked this picture during a family engagement. Thought, this photo would give the post a bit of perspective.

If you are a regular reader on my blog, you must have noticed me quoting or saying “Everyone is a born salesman” on a several different occasions. However, i never went too deep into the topic cause i may have been focusing on a different topic altogether, in that particular post. But, i guess this is the time we should discuss about our inclination and moreover subject of hate towards the wonderful field of Sales.

Everyone is a Born Salesman.

Everything aside, what do you think i mean, when i say – Everyone is a Born Salesman?

Well, let’s start with by looking and evaluating at this kid’s (My Niece’s) photo above. You see a regular kid doing some, yes regular kid-like activities. She appear a little lost in the photo though. Could be one of those days in a kid’s life, where she’s is like – Man, what the heck is going on in my life? or something like that. I am just purely speculating from the photo. Now, you guys don’t know her? What’s her story? You just see her photo, you evaluate and that’s it.

But, let me clarify what happened before i took this photo and what happened, afterwards. Before this photograph, she was seeking a toy from her brother. As, she’s the younger of the siblings. She don’t seem to have that authority over her brother, to snatch it away from him. Now, she goes into all cry/sad mode right before this picture was clicked. And, what happened next?

Yes. You guessed it right. Her mother, snatched the toy from her brother and gave it to her. And, she was all smiling and playing, once again. Now, i have a question for you people here? What exactly, really happened here?

There’s nothing special about it. One kid’s crying for a toy, her mother gave her the toy. But, what actually makes it interesting is to understand the concept of selling, right there and then. The moment that little girl cried, it hit the “pain area”, sort of a nerve there. As a result, her mother was somewhat forced to satisfy her curiosity for a toy, one way or the other.

Well, that’s what Art of selling is all about. Making a compelling case to attract buyer’s interest, one way or the other.

I took a pretty basic example to put across the point. Still, if you wish to explore, there are a numerous day to day examples all around us, which signifies the essence of selling in our daily lives.

At times, as simple as a teenage son is doing everything in his power to motivate his dad to buy him a car, beyond his budget. Or simply, a regular Indian House-wife is up in arms in the negotiations with a local vegetable vendor. Everything has something or the other, connected to that talented, amazing, not so glorified rather highly ignored “Salesman” in all of us.

Are you lost? Are you looking for that hidden Salesman in you? Or, are you struggling really hard to capitalize on that Salesman inside of you? These are some of the questions, where you need to work with your own self to realize your full potential, before someone else come and try to rescue you. Remember this, Everyone is a Born Salesman.


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