Sales: A number vs Value Game

I often face questions and dilemmas  from my colleagues, peers and other professionals who are active in the area of core end-to-end  sales and lead generation.

Though, one of the major stumble i see, a lot of them are currently struggling with is – Yes! You got that one right. It’s, achieving their targets. That magical number. Everybody keeps on talking about, endlessly.

So, what exactly is  the solution to all this? I mean, it’s not that  they are bad at it. They are trying their best. Even more than best, to speak. And more or so, the enterprises are banking big on these sales professionals, they too think that they are going to achieve that magical quota. Still, nothing materializes? Why? Well, let’s discuss.

Today, when I was having my coffee and logged into my #twitter account.  And suddenly, i stumble across a pretty insightful article shared on my timeline by one of the user, i am currently following.  The article is written by Brooke Ballard of  B squared Media. The title of the article is “Social Media Sales vs. Value: Who’s Winning the War“.  And, it gave me all the right ideas that what is wrong with the current sales process and how a lot of people following the traditional sales method aren’t really churning results at all?

The points discussed are pretty va

lid. Today’s consumer is 365 days smarter than the consumer from last year’s. Similarly, last year’s consumer was 365 days or roughly 8760 hours smarter than it’s predecessor. Now, the question is.

How far the today’s sales professional has come of age, comparing to last year’s sales professional? or the year before that? Is there any difference you see in yourself, being a sales professional? Knowingly, time is flying. Evolution is on the brink, every next second of our lives.

Well, that’s exactly what is wrong with the current sales process and professionals. They are still following the same old, “run behind your consumer/prospect” technique which has been criticized, over and over again.

Okay. Enough of the bashing. Time’s for a solution. The simplest way, i think today’s sales professionals can all implement in their daily routine and weekly tactics is – drop the “effin” sales pitch! 

Your prospect is smart.  He is not looking for someone who will woo him with some fancy pitch? What he’s currently looking for exactly? Value. If you bring value to his table. He’ll certainly listen to you or at least make sure, not to ignore you!


How do you bring value to a consumer/prospect?  Easy! There are a lot of ways. Some people use tactics known as inbound marketing, which results in a solid lead generation process and lead nurturing. Social media demand generation, which results in over all strengthening of the brand name and client to company relationship.

The more value you bring to your prospect, the less are the chances of dejection and
A little introspect into, how Social Media Demand Generation is helping building a good sales funnel and most importantly, how the engagement is being executed. We’ll discuss that in my next post, tomorrow. Which in result would boost your chances to achieve and even over achieve your targets. Remember, it’s not a short term plan, but in a long run, it is going to give you some outstanding and overwhelming  results.

Till then, here’s my 2 cents for you!


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