Enterprises – Social Demand Generation or not?

Being  jobless has it’s own pros and cons.

If you carefully review the entire situation, it’s like two faces on a coin. Having said that, i recently got the chance to appeared for an Interview at one of the most reputed and “one of a kind” software giants in the World. Well, *drum rolls* it’s called “Oracle Corporation“.

The interview was set up by one of their internal teams, known as the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure team, which basically handles the end-to-end sales and marketing initiatives for North American Geography. Now, being a part-time geek and a part-time IT freak, myself. I am no stranger to the world of Virtualization. Heck, i even tried running Mac OsX using the Virtualbox over a Windows 7 desktop environment, when i was playing around with Cisco‘s home division “Linksys” peripherals and networking equipments, way back in 2008.

However, the offering of Oracle’s virtual desktop infrastructure is something entirely new to me. Cause, last i know. VirtualBox was supposed to be a part of Sun Microsystems acquisition of Innotek GmBH in 2007. Now, i know that Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and all of it’s products and service offerings, in 2010 and all but that’s not what i am here to discuss.

Now, during the “not so easy” hiring process, which i actually admired. The management team at Oracle suggested me to create a presentation on how we can boost the revenue, carefully sighting the long-term and short-term goals within our vision for the Oracle’s Vitual Desktop Infrastructure, offering.

At start, it feels like. Wow, this is something. I know, i can totally do that. Coming from an IT plus Sales Intelligence and consultation background, i can totally ace it. What i didn’t realize, that how am i supposed to hit the pain areas during my presentation and provide or shed some lights on “how to boost revenue”?

Well, after a day or two of thinking, i started reading and conducting preliminary research on the scope of VDI in the small and large enterprise environments and started evaluating related research documents. Quite an insight, if you will.

After carefully reviewing my options, i started building a presentation revolving around the Oracle’s core VDI offering and related services. However, to my amazement. I accidentally came across an official Oracle Virtualization Facebook fan page, where a lot of people have made queries on their service offerings and unfortunately there were a couple of users who have requested someone from Oracle to get in touch with them, with regards to the queries and services?

Look at the screenshot below. The circled item indicates the request made by a


random user on Oracle’s official facebook page. Now, when you follow that  particular conversation, it clearly indicates that the user is looking for the pricing and related information on Oracle’s VirtualBox offering. It clearly hit my mind and i thought, using it as a platform and perhaps put some lights on how social media engagement can result in an increased demand generation and overall revenue boost in a long term for Oracle’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure team, can be of some resources in/during my presentation. And, i started working on it, all over again.

I spent some quality time, researched a bit. I have been a fan of Eloqua’s (congratulations to Oracle on the acquisition!) marketing CRM and‘s Sales cloud. So, I took some liberty to embed a few articles and independent research information on how social media is helping enterprises, ranging from all sizes and verticals, in realizing their full potential in terms of demand generation and Revenue Boost in a long run, into my presentation.

I have published the presentation on my slideshare account. You can also view the particular presentation below :

Taking time limits into the considerations, i worked equally hard on minimizing the text usage and slide numbers in my presentation.

now, when the Doomsday (My presentation day) arrived. I presented the slides in front of a team, consisting of 6-8 key members of Oracle’s VDI sales team based out of Delhi, NCR.

It went on for 2 plus hours. And, it was a pleasant experience.  Had a great QnA session. Some pretty interesting questions  were thrown at me. I tried my best to tackle them all.

Now, i am not judging anyone. But, by the looks of it. I think, Oracle would need to consider investing a little time and resources to equip and make their internal teams social media capable. Cause, some of the questions i was responding to. Believe me, a first year intern would make “coffee time” jokes on it.

Well, that’s my 2 cents on it!


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